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Open Letter to David Cameron
25 Aug 2012 : 23:45
The Right Honorable David Cameron MP Dear Prime minister, If I may take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Tamzin Brown and I am running a demonstration in London this day, Sunday the twenty-sixth of August, two thousand and twelve, in conjunction with Glenn Carter and Our protest is designed with the intent to highlight a socially ‘acceptable’ bigotry and to call for a clarification in the law regarding topless nudity. The work of previous British Governments in making nudity laws by enlarge none discriminatory is commendable.

GoTopless to stage protests in 30 cities worldwide on Aug. 26
25 Aug 2012 : 01:06
LAS VEGAS, Aug. 25 - GoTopless announced today that its August 26 protests will take place in 30 cities worldwide, a marked improvement over last year.

GoTopless responds to Mayor Bellamy and Asheville, NC City Council letter
25 Aug 2012 : 01:00
Response from Lara Terstenjak of the GoTopless rally to a letter from Asheville City Council members asking the public to stay away from the event: Dear Mayor, Vice-Mayor, good Asheville City Council members, I once again find myself explaining to you and your fine state the true purpose of our demonstration which you continue to denounce, apparently upon "moral" grounds. First and foremost, this is a constitutional issue, not a moral issue - and morality is not a constitutional matter.

Gotopless founder, Maitreya Rael speaks about women's right to be topless (video)
25 Aug 2012 : 00:45
Spiritual leader Maitreya Rael ( founded GoTopless in 2007 following the news that Phoenix Feeley, a topless rights activist won a law suit against the city of New York where police officers had wrongfully arrested her two years earlier. In this recent interview, Maitreya Rael, speaks about GoTopless and the impact of women going topless in society..

Women’s rights organization GoTopless alleges discrimination by Google Adsense
24 Aug 2012 : 17:42
LAS VEGAS, Aug. 22 – Google Adsense, a program that pays third parties for displaying Google ads on their Web sites, is open to all comers.

GoTopless in Paris on August 26th Topless or burqa for all?
20 Aug 2012 : 10:57
Gotopless is getting ready for its fifth “topless” demonstration in the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and many other cities around the world. In Paris, it will be its second attempt… “Attempt” is the proper term because last year, the few women who wanted to celebrate “GoTopless” Day by walking topless in the streets of Paris ended up at the police station before being able to remove the slightest piece of clothing.

Michelle Obama's Nude Bust empowers women as they fight for topless rights
16 Aug 2012 : 05:56
American Sculptor Daniel Edwards created the controversial, yet elegant bust of Michelle Obama, complete with bare bosom and Nerfertiti-esque hairstyle which accent Michelle's African roots. GoTopless contacted the artist to ask him about this artwork currently displayed at the American National Gallery of Art in NYC because to GoTopless women, it trancends in different ways  women’s struggle for topless equal rights.  Indeed, the First Lady of the United States is represented topless and free, empowered and dignified.

Dr. Brannan, MD speaks about the health benefits (including cancer prevention) of women’s topless rights
16 Aug 2012 : 04:37
Dr. John Brannan, MD is a radiologist in Mobile, AL where he does mammography.

GoTopless women invite Femen to join a topless demonstration in Paris on August 26th – In Paris as in Kiev, women’s rights are violated
16 Aug 2012 : 00:42
“In Paris, as in Kiev, women’s rights are being violated because men can go bare-chested in public while women cannot,” said Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless (, an international organization striving to obtain women’s rights to go topless in public anywhere men can. Gary said said GoTopless is inviting the women of Femen, an Ukranian women’s rights organization, to take part in a GoTopless demonstration in Paris on August 26, anniversary of the original Declaration of Human Rights (Aug.

Open Letter to the French Minister of Women's Rights
15 Aug 2012 : 14:38
To, Ms. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem Minister of Women's Rights Madam Minister, Please accept our sincere congratulations on your recent nomination to this very important position, one that is vital for the evolution of our society.
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