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Gotopless activist Phoenix Feeley released early from jail after 9-day hunger strike
15 Aug 2013 : 05:00
LAS VEGAS, Aug 15 – GoTopless activist Phoenix Feeley, who began serving a jail sentence August 5 at New Jersey’s Monmouth County Jail after refusing to pay fines for going topless at Spring Lake Beach, ended her nine-day protest hunger strike yesterday when she was released early by the jail warden. “Phoenix refused to pay fines for going topless and then launched a hunger strike while incarcerated to protest New Jersey’s gender-discriminatory topless laws,” a spokesperson for GoTopless said this morning.

GoTopless Praises Porn Industry's Breast Cancer Research donations
20 Nov 2012 : 00:33
GoTopless denounces the Suzan G. Komen breast cancer foundation for turning down the generous donation of pornographic website

Nudist Activist gets naked at SF Committee Hearing on Nov 5, 2012
14 Nov 2012 : 22:44
A Committee Hearing was held in San Francisco on November 5 to discuss a new ordinance that would put a ban on nudity in the city. The ordinance was submitted last October by Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents a district in the city and county of San Francisco.

In Grapevine, TX, guns and violence are family friendly but not art displaying a woman's breasts
19 Sep 2012 : 19:44
On Gotopless Day, August 26, 2012, The Convention and Visitor's Bureau of Grapevine, Texas turned down the work of local Grapevine Sculptor Art Wells because his nude female busts were deemed not 'Family Friendly' while the same bureau did not think twice about inaugurating a clock tower with 9-foot tall animated gun fighters just a few months earlier. In this day and age, buzz words like 'family-friendly' equate more closely to 'let the religious and do-gooders choose rules for society.' And sometimes the hypocrisy of it gets a little sickening.

A woman's inspiring testimony after attending GoTopless rally
03 Sep 2012 : 15:08
The following testimony came to us from a woman who attended one of our GoTopless Rallies on Aug 26, 2012. "I awoke this morning at 2AM with a beautiful speech in my mind that I had wished I could have expressed yesterday.

GoTopless joins forces with Slutwalk Las Vegas
03 Sep 2012 : 11:08
Members and affiliates of GoTopless have been supporting the Slutwalk Movement since its inception and attended Slutwalk LV on Sept.1, 2012. GoTopless women stand for topless gender equality, and they too are sometimes called "sluts." They face strong moral opposition from those who believe the very sight of women's breasts will trigger sexual excitement in others.

Letter to Ben Gvir, right wing activist in Israel in response to his discriminatory remarks towards Israeli women's equal topless rights
29 Aug 2012 : 23:38
On Aug 23, 2012, right wing activist Ben Gvir of Tel Aviv appealed to the attorney general of Israel to prevent GoTopless from obtaining their permit for their protest the next day in Tel Aviv. His opinion was that such behavior [women's top-freedom] hurts the female public and expresses contempt and humiliation of a woman's body.

Open Letter to David Cameron
25 Aug 2012 : 23:45
The Right Honorable David Cameron MP Dear Prime minister, If I may take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Tamzin Brown and I am running a demonstration in London this day, Sunday the twenty-sixth of August, two thousand and twelve, in conjunction with Glenn Carter and Our protest is designed with the intent to highlight a socially ‘acceptable’ bigotry and to call for a clarification in the law regarding topless nudity. The work of previous British Governments in making nudity laws by enlarge none discriminatory is commendable.

GoTopless to stage protests in 30 cities worldwide on Aug. 26
25 Aug 2012 : 01:06
LAS VEGAS, Aug. 25 - GoTopless announced today that its August 26 protests will take place in 30 cities worldwide, a marked improvement over last year.

GoTopless responds to Mayor Bellamy and Asheville, NC City Council letter
25 Aug 2012 : 01:00
Response from Lara Terstenjak of the GoTopless rally to a letter from Asheville City Council members asking the public to stay away from the event: Dear Mayor, Vice-Mayor, good Asheville City Council members, I once again find myself explaining to you and your fine state the true purpose of our demonstration which you continue to denounce, apparently upon "moral" grounds. First and foremost, this is a constitutional issue, not a moral issue - and morality is not a constitutional matter.
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