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Thousands join GoTopless protest in Asheville, NC in Aug 2011

Note that GoTopless Day in Asheville this year will be Aug 26, 2012 from 1-3 PM Pack Square.

GoTopless Asheville, Aug. 21, 2011, was a most extraordinary event! Some Ashevillians claimed that more people attended than at any other downtown Asheville event, except for the annual ‘Bele Chere Festival”, which occurred a few weeks before.

Scheduled for 1pm-3pm, by 12:30pm there were already some 500 attendees, most of which were men with cameras - and wearing T-shirts. It was certainly an intimidating moment for us women to arrive to such a large crowd of what seemed to be “spectators” waiting with their cameras to see naked breasts.

But as the minutes proceeded, even though some women left the event as soon as they arrived (due to the intimidating scene of so many spectators), more and more women arrived and removed their tops. And soon after, a growing number of men began to put on bikini tops, bras, or covering their nipples with red tape, to support women's topless inequality.

Moments before the march began, our facilitator, Livienne Love, offered a powerful speech to a large crowd of topless women and their loving men friends behind them showing their support with covered nipples. After Liv’s speech, the crowd was pumped! Liv then began to lead the march with all the rest of the courageous topless women in the front with her, through the historic streets of downtown Asheville.

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Press release: GoTopless Aug 21, 2011 is National GoTopless Day

With the slogan, “Topless equal rights for all or none,” GoTopless.org is summoning men across America to cover their chests on Aug. 21 in the name of equal rights.

On that day, for the fourth consecutive year, the U.S.-based organization will stage a national GoTopless Day protest to proclaim a woman’s constitutional right to go bare-chested in public. During the protest, while participating women go bare, male participants will cover their chests with bikini tops or bras to proclaim equal rights for both genders.

Sound ridiculous?

“It’s no more ridiculous than women having to wear tops at all time in this double-standard, topless battle that’s being waged in public and in the courts,” said Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless.org.

For Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement and founder of GoTopless.org, the equation is simple: "As long as men can go topless, either women should have the same constitutional right or men should also be forced to wear something that hides their chests.”

“We will force men to legally cover up if women can’t go bare,” agreed Gary, who is also a Raelian priestess. “After 4 years, our national protests are starting to bear fruit, for a growing number of women across the country are reaching out to us. They’re beginning to feel empowered by our demonstrations and the constitutional message we bring.”

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