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In Grapevine, TX, guns and violence are family friendly but not art displaying a woman's breasts

On Gotopless Day, August 26, 2012, The Convention and Visitor's Bureau of Grapevine, Texas turned down the work of local Grapevine Sculptor Art Wells because his nude female busts were deemed not 'Family Friendly' while the same bureau did not think twice about inaugurating a clock tower with 9-foot tall animated gun fighters just a few months earlier.

In this day and age, buzz words like 'family-friendly' equate more closely to 'let the religious and do-gooders choose rules for society.'

And sometimes the hypocrisy of it gets a little sickening.

For example, marble sculptor Art Wells, has been repeatedly told to 'family-friendize' his marble busts because they reveal bosoms.
Are they implying that bosoms are anti-family?

The Grapevine Convention and Visitor's Bureau seems to think so. During the selection of art pieces for a public show, Grapevine had the sole discretion on what they deemed acceptable or non acceptable. (see the exchange of letters between the Bureau and sculptor Art Wells below)

So instead of selecting the refined artwork of a skilled sculptor, guess what they choose for the public? To build a $100,000 clock tower with 9 foot animated gunfighters! YOOHOO!
Why? Because Grapeville, TX declared it was FAMILY FRIENDLY!

This link shows the video of a child witnessing the animated gun fight. Note the reaction of the litlle girl when she is asked which part of the gun fight reinactement she preferred.


So the moral of this story is be sure to bring your kids to Grapevine Visitor's Bureau to see the timely giant cowboy show promoting violence offered twice daily! And don't worry, your children will not be "endangered" by the sight of any women's bosom in their art museum. They got you (and them) covered.

For a complete and healthy appreciation of Art Wells sculptures, please visit his website: [link]

Exchange of emails between Shelley Smith, Texas Sculpture Association President and Art Wells, Sculptor.

Email #1
On Aug 26, 2012, Shelley Smith, Texas Sculpture Association President, wrote:

Hi Art,

Grapevine asked that it be " family friendly". Your nudes are very realistic! The one you had in the last show was gorgeous, and not as " nude" as some of your others. Do you have any that aren't ?

Email #2
Aug 28, 2012, Shelley Smith, Texas Sculpture Association President, wrote:


Why don't you send a photo of what you were thinking of entering and we can run it past the folks at Grapevine before you send in your show fee? That way, we can tell you if it's a problem or not. I loved your piece at the ALoft, and would hate to miss out on having you in our show.

Email #3
Sept 3, 2012, Art Wells, Grapevine, TX Sculptor, wrote

Hi Shelley,
I was wondering, what was not family friendly with my portraits? I've included a pic of another marble portrait, too late for this show, but for future reference, would this one be family friendly?
Art Wells, sculptor

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A woman's inspiring testimony after attending GoTopless rally

The following testimony came to us from a woman who attended one of our GoTopless Rallies on Aug 26, 2012.

"I awoke this morning at 2AM with a beautiful speech in my mind that I had wished I could have expressed yesterday. The beautiful leader looked at me yesterday and said that I looked like I had something to say and handed me the microphone and I could not get it out. Here it is....And I am sure I will have more to express later and very much want to be a part of the march next year!!

When I was 18, I was extremely conscience of my chest. I had and still have small boobs. Yesterday showed me that ALL boobs are beautiful and to feel that my boobs were amazing was empowering! BUT WAIT! All those years covering my small breasts with padded bras because I felt it would help me get a better job or a better man....and so forth...........Why? Because we cover them up.
It pains me so much that for so many years I felt I was not good enough and I let many opportunities go BECAUSE I had small breasts. In my mind that was what I needed to move ahead in life. How horrible........

My boyfriend told me yesterday that it was at first thrilling to see boobies and then it got less thrilling and his eyes moved away from the breasts and he felt calm and happy to just be around beautiful people and of course beautiful and happy liberated women!!

After yesterday I was completely empowered to finish my book and be successful without the padded bra!!!! Please contact me and let me be a part of the team. I want to learn more about the GoTopless movement.
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GoTopless joins forces with Slutwalk Las Vegas

Members and affiliates of GoTopless have been supporting the Slutwalk Movement since its inception and attended Slutwalk LV on Sept.1, 2012.

GoTopless women stand for topless gender equality, and they too are sometimes called "sluts." They face strong moral opposition from those who believe the very sight of women's breasts will trigger sexual excitement in others.

So what? Every part of the human body can be arousing! Should burqas be imposed on everyone, then?

GoTopless emphatically remind people that the sight of a woman's nude chest in public is not an invitation for rape. The legal system must protect women from the unbalanced individuals who could violate their topless freedom. These troubled people are often severely repressed.Nevertheless, our legal system is there to prosecute such offenders, not to deny women their freedom for the sake of their safety!

Consider this short story from Golda Meir, late prime minister of Israel:

"Once in cabinet we had to deal with the fact that there had been an outbreak of assaults on women at night. One minister ...suggested a curfew; women should stay home after dark. Golda Meir replied, "But it's the men who are attacking the women. If there's to be a curfew, let the men stay at home, not the women..."
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