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Columbia, Mo. police officer confirms city to be legally topless - GoTopless plans additional rally there on Aug. 26

LAS VEGAS, July 28 - GoTopless, a women’s rights organization fighting for female constitutional rights to go topless in public on the basis of gender equality, is moving to include the city of Columbia, Mo., as a rally location for its 5th annual GoTopless Day on August 26. The date was selected to honor and coincide with Women’s Equality Day.

“Sergeant Jill Schlude of Columbia’s police department confirmed in a July 24 phone call that Missouri is one of several legally topless states,” said Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless. (See [link] for a map showing current legally topless states.)

“Sergeant Schlude was specific when she told me there are no indecent exposure laws in Missouri,” Gary said. “Although she mentioned a statute that addresses ‘sexual misconduct,’ she emphasized that a woman going bare breasted in public wouldn’t be breaking the law unless she were also involved in a lewd or sexual act at the time.”

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GoTopless to Facebook: “Stop violating women’s constitutional rights by having double standards for bare-chested photos!”

LAS VEGAS, July 27 – In a statement released today, GoTopless, a nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving women’s rights to go topless publicly under gender equality provisions of the U.S. Constitution, said the Facebook account of GoTopless President Nadine Gary has again been frozen for posting a picture that allegedly violated Facebook’s pornography and nudity community standards.

Gary says she complied with those standards: the picture of her otherwise nude torso was edited to conceal her nipples behind big, red Xs.

“But the edited photo somehow still failed to meet the unspoken, stricter limitations on displays of nudity that Facebook imposes,” Gary explained, adding that she posted the photo to highlight an account of Microsoft’s “big boob” code gaffe (See [link]

“Freezing my account for supposedly violating Facebook policy was based on complaints by morals-stricken Facebook users, but it’s unconstitutional,” Gary said.

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Finding society at fault for Microsoft's ‘big boobs’ coding gaffe, plans additional topless marches on Aug. 26

LAS VEGAS, July 23 – When a program code used by Microsoft in one of its programs was recently found to contain a hexadecimal string (0xB16B00B5) too close to the phrase “big boobs” to be coincidence, public complaints by users who detected the combination prompted an apology by Microsoft.

According to the Microsoft statement, the spelling of the offending string will be changed. Meanwhile, a debate has ensued about the possible sexist attitude of the coders who created the suggestive string.

“We’re really appalled at the whole story, which is a good example of why we’ll be going topless in the streets on August 26,” said Nadine Gary, president of
“If these men had grown up surrounded by women who were allowed to show their breasts like men do, they wouldn’t be making derogatory comments about female anatomy. We’re not feeling offended by coders who wrote ‘big boobs’ into their code; we’re offended that the phrase is considered offensive when writing ‘big feet’ into it wouldn’t have made it to any forum.
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