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Janet Jackson's breast: The Nipplegate case
24 Jun 2008 : 02:32
Recap of Janet Jackson's legal repercussions from her breast exposure during Superbowl 2004

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13 Nov 2007 : 22:47
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On Sept 25, 2007, Daytona Beach, FL loses topless case
10 Oct 2007 : 02:49
After an intense 3 year legal battle against Daytona Beach, Liz Book wins the right to be topless

Breast feeding in public: law and social pressure
06 Oct 2007 : 22:34
In the US, many women prefer not to breastfeed their baby because of the stigma of breastfeeding in public.

USA latest breastfeeding court cases
05 Oct 2007 : 20:48
Here are the latest incidences about breastfeeding in public in the leading democracy in the world in the 21st centutry

Tribute to NYC photographer Jordan Matter
11 Sep 2007 : 23:02
Jordan Matter has taken many pictures of topless women in NYC public places

10 successful cases recognizing women's right to be topless in certain states or cities
26 Aug 2007 : 10:02
A look back on topless victories in the US and Canada prior to 2007

Dr Diana Blaine, USC professor, harrassed
31 Jul 2007 : 04:38
Dr. Diana Blaine posted topless pix of herself on her website causing reactions from the University administration

On June 04 2007, NYC pays $29,000 over topless arrest
05 Jun 2007 : 02:34
Police seized bare-breasted artist despite court ruling allowing toplessness
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