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GoTopless asks Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau to stand for the right of women to be topless in public!
22 Aug 2015 : 01:38
Montreal, August 22 – For the 8th consecutive year, the international organization GoTopless is claiming equality for women to be topless anywhere that is permitted for men, and will be out in the streets of Canadian cities – and elsewhere – Sunday August 23rd

Go Topless Day, August 23, Marks 8th Year of Organization’s Efforts to Achieve Equal Gender Topless Rights
16 Aug 2015 : 17:45
LAS VEGAS - August 17 – On August 23, timed to honor Women's Equality Day, the women's rights organization GoTopless will hold Topless Pride Parades in 60 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, Rome and Seoul, according to a statement released today by GoTopless

Father calls the police on woman swimming topless in river in order to "protect" his children
22 Jul 2015 : 01:13
Emmie Tyson is a Washington State topless activist in her twenties

Indecency laws (anti-topless laws) harm brains of women and girls: Interview with neuroscientist Dr. Marcus Wenner- Part one
13 Jul 2015 : 23:38
Photo: Mother and Child Sunset Silhouette, courtesy of photographer Vince Cavataio

GoTopless Day 2014, Denver, CO - Police officer learns the law about topless rights in his city
29 Jun 2015 : 23:22
Letter written by Denver GoTopless Day participant Matthew Wilson This story and video at the bottom of the article show that communities need to politely but firmly stand up for their topless right before the police and educate them on the law
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