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Open Letter to President Obama
14 Aug 2012 : 08:15
Dear President Obama,

Femen's topless crusade against traditional religions for women's rights
05 Aug 2012 : 10:00
Femen is a group of young, feminine, determined Ukrainian women led by Anna Hutsol, who have been using their bare breasts in public protests to draw attention to social and political ills around the world, from domestic violence to human trafficking to suppression of women's rights

GoTopless interviews the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society of NYC
03 Aug 2012 : 01:05
Since the 1992 topless law took effect in NYC, women have began to integrate their newly found right in their daily lives

Moira Johnston exercises her topless right on a daily basis in NYC, join her ! It's legal
26 Jul 2012 : 12:22
GoTopless caught up with her to ask her about the experience - a fascinating testimony.

Some Topless Cartoons
14 Jul 2012 : 22:37
Humor that says it all!

Thousands join GoTopless protest in Asheville, NC in Aug 2011
29 Aug 2011 : 14:49
Note that GoTopless Day in Asheville this year will be Aug 26, 2012 from 1-3 PM Pack Square

Obama Proclaims Aug 26, Women's Equality Day
17 Aug 2011 : 16:43
see his 2011 Proclamation below

Is it sinful for a woman to go topless in public?
19 Jun 2011 : 04:13
Some people have been writing to GoTopless concerned that our Organization's constitutional claim is blasphemy because the female body was not meant to be exposed in public according to god's law

GoTopless on the Jay Leno show Wed Sept 3rd
05 Sep 2009 : 02:30
Jay Leno honored GOTOPLESS with a funny and tasteful joke on Wed Sept 3rd
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