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GoTopless on the Jay Leno show Wed Sept 3rd
05 Sep 2009 : 02:30
Jay Leno honored GOTOPLESS with a funny and tasteful joke on Wed Sept 3rd

Worldwide news coverage of GoTopless Day '09
02 Sep 2009 : 04:13

Jordan Matter presents book "Uncovered" at Go-Topless Day '09 in NYC
02 Sep 2009 : 02:53
Jordan Matter, famous NY photographer who has been seen taking pictures of topless model in many public places of the Big Apple will be part of Go-Topless Day 2009 in NYC and will present his new book, Uncovered

NBC reports on GoTopless Day '09
27 Aug 2009 : 22:33
A Fight for the Right to Bare Boobs

NY Daily News reports on GoTopless Day '09
26 Aug 2009 : 22:41
Topless women march in Central Park for right to bare breasts

UPI release on GoTopless Day '09
24 Aug 2009 : 22:37
Women march topless in New York

Why do men have nipples? By Dr. Mehran Sam PhD
24 Jan 2009 : 01:36
Looking at the different reasons why men have nipples

Dec 27th War against Nipples on Facebook - breastfeeding? What's the fuss about?
23 Dec 2008 : 23:58
Gotopless is outraged by Facebook's "politically correct" censorship

Nov 08 Photographer Thomas Hodges shoots CC Wang topless in public in Manhattan
23 Oct 2008 : 22:53
Internationally acclaimed photographic artist Thomas Hodges is shooting a new exhibition series, featuring Taiwanese Top-Model "CC Wang" [link]

Oct 10 08 Angelina Jolie shown breastfeeding on W magazine
10 Oct 2008 : 17:00 congratulates Angelina Jolie for welcoming the publication of a picture of herself breastfeeding one of her twin children on the cover of W Magazine, November 2008 edition
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