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Gotopless-Canada supports Rebecca Anne Clark's right to go topless at the beach
08 Aug 2013 : 05:00
MONTREAL, August 8 - "If men have a right to go topless on beaches, women should have the same right."

GoTopless activist Phoenix Feeley launches jail sentence with hunger strike
05 Aug 2013 : 05:00
LAS VEGAS, Aug 5 – After five years of fighting for women's topless rights, Phoenix

02 Apr 2013 : 05:00
On April 4th, there will be GoTopless demonstrations around the world to support Amina in Tunisia

On Women’s Day, March 8, from Iran to North Carolina, GoTopless calls upon topless women to ‘occupy’ planet Earth
08 Mar 2013 : 19:35
LAS VEGAS, March 8 – Raelian Guides Negar Azizmoradi and Nadine Gary are fighting for women’s equal rights, and they say no day is more appropriate than Women’s Day for women to get active and be heard

GoTopless women invite Femen to join a topless demonstration in Paris on August 26th – In Paris as in Kiev, women’s rights are violated
16 Aug 2012 : 00:42
“In Paris, as in Kiev, women’s rights are being violated because men can go bare-chested in public while women cannot,” said Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless (, an international organization striving to obtain women’s rights to go topless in public anywhere men can

GoTopless denounces Toronto’s discrimination of Ontario provincial law protecting women’s topless rights
13 Aug 2012 : 22:06
TORONTO, Aug 13th - As GoTopless organizes its 5th year of protests worldwide for women’s equal topless rights, many women will gather in the streets of Toronto to expose the city’s discrimination of women’s topless rights established in 1996

GoTopless vows to hold Asheville demonstration as conservatives attempt to block it
31 Jul 2012 : 21:20
ASHEVILLE, N.C., July 31 – With local conservatives attempting to block an upcoming August 26 demonstration by women’s rights organization GoTopless in Asheville, N.C., GoTopless today released a statement declaring its resolve to continue fighting for gender equality under the Constitution, including the right to freely and legally go publicly topless as men do
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