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Is it sinful for a woman to go topless in public?

Some people have been writing to GoTopless concerned that our Organization's constitutional claim is blasphemy because the female body was not meant to be exposed in public according to god's law.

It is important to be clear about the term "god" when addressing this concern.

The word "god" is found in the original Hebrew bible under the word "Elohim", a plural which literally means "those who came from the sky". Indeed, the Raelian Philosophy explains that a very advanced human civilization, called Elohim, came from another planet a long time ago and created all life on Earth thanks to DNA and genetic engineering.

The Elohim were mistaken for gods.

Raelianism explains that the Elohim did create humans "in their image, after their likeness", including, of course, women's breasts!

The human body (and brain) is their masterpiece and we should not be ashamed of any part of it, on the opposite! (for more info, please visit rael.org)

This said, GoTopless includes thousands of women and men who have a variety of beliefs and affiliations, united by their common wish to see women's constitutional topless rights prevail regardless of their individual spirituality.
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Gotopless Asheville, NC Aug 21, 2011

Come join us in Asheville, NC where we will celebrate National GoTopless Day in Pack Square at 1PM.

North Carolina is a top free state so our Gotopless event will encourage the participating women to exercise their right to be topless in public.

It should be such an easy thing to do but with centuries of repression upon us, it is sometimes difficult for women not to feel ashamed of exposing their bosom in public.

With these GoTopless events, we aim to push back further the frontier of indecency which once started at our ankle and wrists when long gowns with long sleeves were in fashion. Back in the 1900's, women would have felt completely ashamed of wearing a 2 piece bikini on the beach.

Women have certainly come a long way since then. A hundred years later, their challenge is to overcome their shame over exposing their breasts in spite of the harsh criticism of those who would like to maintain the discriminatory status quo: man can show their chest but women can't.

The pretense is that women's chest is sexually appealing. That is true. However, what part of a woman's body is not? The Taliban have gone to the extreme to barrage every inch of women's sensuality.

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GoTopless in Venice Beach, CA Aug 26, 2012

On Sunday August 26, the women and men of Venice Beach will once again join the happy march by the thousands and stand up for women's right to freely GoTopless! The group will gather at 2PM on Ocean Front Walk at Navy St. There, the women will take off the tops and hide their indecent nipples with latex nipple covers...that look EXACTLY like nipples! you remember them don't you? We will have them ready for every women who wants to experience going topless as far as the city of Venice will allow her to.
Did you know that in the 1970's Venice Beach was a nude beach? And now... even a woman's nipple has become indecent. That's because our society has become more civilized over time, more family friendly, they tell us. It is difficult to understand how the millions of European children cope on the beach in Europe every summer.

In this demonstration, we invite the men to show what EQUAL RIGHTS truly means. At this moment on Venice Beach women cannot go topless, so in complete constitutional equality, the men will cover their chest as well. Will men with bikini tops look ridiculous? Maybe, but constitutionally, so do women in this double standard legal topless battle.

Once everyone is ready and has put plenty of sunblock on their breasts (hint hint...ladies) the march will begin at the beat of the drum circle group.

Group meets at 2pm on Ocean Front Walk at Navy St. March starts at 2.30 PM towards Windward circle for our speech and entertainment at 3.30 PM.

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Vb Nadine And Group With Police
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