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On Sept 25, 2007, Daytona Beach, FL loses topless case

Lize Book O Reilly Show Crop Sept 25 2007

City loses topless appeal (from the Orlando Sentinel)

DAYTONA BEACH - -An appellate court has thrown out Daytona Beach's attempt to overturn the acquittal of an Ormond Beach woman who has bared her breasts in political protest.

Liz Book, the self-proclaimed "top-free" revolutionary, has been twice acquitted of violating laws during her protests, which are aimed at allowing women to go topless.

However, city officials appealed one of those cases and on Friday, the Fifth District Court of Appeal dismissed the city's request to rehear the case and didn't give the city a written opinion on why the case has been dismissed. The decision prevents Daytona Beach from appealing the case to the Florida Supreme Court.
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Breast feeding in public: law and social pressure

Breastfeeding IS legal in the USA according to the following source, but many people are uncomfortable to see a woman breastfeeding at the mall or a restaurant for instance and may simply ask her to leave. See the reports in our section "latest breastfeeding court cases" to be better aware of the reality and the reactions of the public over public breastfeeding. The taboo of the sight of breasts in public is so engrained in the American public that it is affecting the very health of American babies because mothers will opt not to breast feed in order to avoid this social pressure when breastfeeding is best for her child.
What can be more natural than to witness a child suckling at his mother's breast? What in one's education is making such natural sight uncomfortable, even unbearable? Gotopless.org wishes to help fade out such repressive behavior by changing the law and subsequently mentalities for an overall healthier American society.

<span class="bbcode underline bbcode-u bbcode-u-news" style="text-decoration: underline;">The following text is part of a written comment made by Janet Fuchs Jackson, a Canadian citizen, member of the Facebook group. Janet is a breastfeeding mother:</span>

I for one am sick to death of people telling me what BFing is "like".

Let's all shut up about what BFing is LIKE and talk about what it IS: a baby eating! That's it! It's eating! It's like eating! Because it is EATING!!!!

Sometimes I eat alone with my husband and we hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes and it's beautiful.
Sometimes I eat with my parents and my brothers and it's loud and we all talk at once and it's joyful.
Sometimes I eat in a mall food court with a bunch of strangers because I'm famished and can't wait to get home.

And get this: my baby DOES EXACTLY THE SAME THING!!! To everyone who thinks that nursing is gross, or private, or so freakin' special that I have to make it a Hallmark moment every time I do it, think for a minute and realize that it's JUSTFREAKINGEATING!!!!!

If a woman breastfeeds with her whole breast out of the shirt, there's someone in the room wishing she would pull the shirt down a little more.

If she pulls her shirt down a little more, there's someone in the room wishing she would put a blanket over her side boob, or cleavage.

If she blankets her boob, there's someone wishing she would put the blanket over the baby's head.

If she blankets her baby, there's someone wishing she was in the corner.

If she moves to the corner, there's someone wishing she would face the wall.

If she faces the wall, there's someone wishing she would leave the room.

Can't please 'em all, so do what feels right to YOU, I say. But regardless of how you do it, keep nursing, ladies.
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USA latest breastfeeding court cases

On sept 14th in Toledo Ohio: An employee at PacSun, a women and men's fashions accessories retailer at Westfield Franklin Park Mall, asked a woman who was breast-feeding her child to leave the store, according to the woman. The law allowing breast-feeding in OH took effect on Sept. 16 2005
Please see the following link for further detail: http://www.toledofreepress.com/?id=6367
Breastfeeding Symbol
On July 20, 2007, in Columbus OH, Lifestyle Family Fitness has paid $2,500 to a woman who complained that she was told to breast-feed her son in a locker room, and the company has agreed to change its policy. back on Aug. 29 2006, a manager told her it was inappropriate and that she wouldn't be allowed in the Kids' Club anymore if she did it again. She was told to feed her son in the locker room. Swank said that was unreasonable because adults don't eat in bathrooms.
The international breast-feeding symbol -- a stylized image of a woman breast-feeding -- must be posted above its Kids' Club areas and cannot be removed without permission from the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

On July 15 2007, in Fayetteville, NC, Tabitha Redding's husband brought her children to the mall food court for lunch. Redding said she took a break to join them and breast-feed her 3-month-old son, Sean.

When he was full, she gave him back to her husband, washed her hands and went back to work.

Two days later, her boss called.

Redding said a representative from the Army and Air Force Exchange Services, the organization that runs the commissaries and mini-malls on Fort Bragg, had called her boss to say that Sean’s Sunday lunch had offended someone else in the food court. “I was told it was inappropriate and unprofessional,” Redding said. “Those are (my boss’s) words.” See following article for complete story: http://www.fayobserver.com/article?id=268120

In June 2007 in Lexington KY, Brooke Ryan walked into a Nicholasville Road Applebee’s restaurant to celebrate an anniversary lunch with her children.

She walked out humiliated, in tears and without the lunch.

But the incident over breast-feeding her 7-month-old son at Applebee’s has spurred the soft-spoken 34-year-old to start a public awareness campaign on the rights of breastfeeding women in Kentucky. The law to freely breastfeed in KY passed in 2006. Refer to the following article for further detail: http://www.kentucky.com/181/story/161782.html
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