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Gotopless challenges ‘Facebook’s hypocritical and unconstitutional policy’

LAS VEGAS, May 25 – In a statement released today, Gotopless, a U.S.-based organization founded in 2007 by spiritual leader Rael, announced that women have the same constitutional right men have to go bare-chested in public, and that social media companies such as Facebook act unconstitutionally when they deny women the right to post topless pictures.

“Just as men fought a century ago for the right to go bare-chested in public, we have to fight now to change the puritan values that make people go wild when they see, or even think they see, a woman’s nipple,” said Gotopless Spokesperson Rachel Jessee.

Jessee pointed out that although Gotopless includes both women and men among its members and supporters, the general public “still has a long way to go.”

“International companies like Facebook have a responsibility to lead the way toward change, but they’re doing the exact opposite instead,” she said. “I’m dumbfounded by Facebook’s hypocritical and discriminatory policy of removing any image from our Gotopless Facebook page that contains a nipple. The censors probably didn’t even realize we were showing male nipples! In one picture we posted, a male breast montage covered a woman’s breast, and the caption said, “Why is it OK to show his breast but not mine?” Facebook removed the photo, even though pictures of bare-chested men are allowed. But since the face shown was a woman’s, they assumed the breast shown was hers too.”

All of which proves Gotopless’s claim that Facebook is acting unconstitutionally, according to Jessee

“Some women have flat breasts and some men have large ones, and they all have nipples,” she continued. “The difference lies only in the minds of those who either have sexual fantasies when they see a woman’s breast or take offense. Showing an ankle was once deemed shocking in the West, just as it is today in the Middle East. “Our great-grandmothers fought for the right to show some bare skin. Now it’s time to free our nipples along with our ankles.”

Gotopless is currently rallying supporters, including on its Facebook page, and plans to climax its campaign on Gotopless Day, August 24, with GoTopless Pride Parades in locations across the United States and worldwide.

“We hope thousands of women will turn out for that, Jessee said.

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Open Letter to Miley Cyrus

Dear Ms. Cyrus:

My name is Rachel Jessee. I’m the director of GoTopless, a women's rights organization fighting for the legal right to go topless in public wherever men have that right. We do this on the basis of the gender equality guaranteed by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

I’m also involved in Clitoraid, another women’s rights organization. Its humanitarian goal is to assist victims of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in obtaining surgery to rebuild their mutilated clitorises so they can experience sexual pleasure and regain their dignity as women. Clitoraid also works toward the worldwide elimination of FGM.

All of us involved in these two liberating women's organizations are cheering the way you are now fully embracing your body and your sexuality in your artistic voice and public performances! Your bold VMA performance was just riveting, and your analysis of your life progression over the last 10 years that was recently published on Hollywood.com was superbly insightful. You deserve big kudos!

What’s more, you’re an inspiration to all young women trying to escape the confines of this sexually repressed, puritanical society in which we live. The lyrics of your song “We Can't Stop" perfectly convey the path to freedom and liberation. "This is our party, we do what we want; this is my mouth, I can say what I want.” Yes! Yes! Yes!

The rigid Judeo-Christian values so prevalent in this country pressure young women to be “good girls,” meaning Disney-like, asexual mannequins. Your message, along with those of GoTopless and Clitoraid, breathe life back into those mannequins. “This is MY body, I can do what I want!” Yes. It’s time to live as a complete woman, not as a cartoon cutout.

But the road to female freedom, pleasure and dignity isn’t always easy. Our organizations get many letters from women who would love to free their bodies and sexuality but feel guilty about it. They often “medicate” their guilt with drugs and alcohol. That reality led professional women in our group to launch a service called “Freedom Coaches,” which helps women of all ages navigate through the liberating process. Our Freedom Coaches overcame the hurdles of breaking through taboos in their own lives and can now help other women avoid pain and suffering as they launch their personal Movements.

You may be wondering how GoTopless and Clitoraid got started. Both organizations stem from the vision of spiritual leader Rael (rael.org). Rael is a staunch defender of all aspects of women's rights, especially those pertaining to women's bodies and sexuality. For most women, these are the most repressed aspects of their existence, and no other organizations are willing to be so vocal about this.

Rael says, “Femininity will literally save humanity.” But first, femininity needs to break free from the shackles of shame and guilt.

A similar vision was conveyed in Amanda Palmer’s letter, when she replied to Sinead O' Connor who had published a letter of concern about your sexually charged performance: “I want to live in a world where WE as women determine what we wear and look like and play the game as our fancy leads us [...] We are all fragile humans with little time on this beautiful, sexually-charged, ecstatic planet. Let’s share it to the fullest extent that we can and make the playing field for all of us the size of the whole earth.”

Each year, GoTopless holds its increasingly popular “GoTopless Day” on the Sunday closest to August 26, which is Women's Equality Day. Next year, the event will be held on August 24. We’re planning our very first “GoTopless Pride Parade” for that date in New York City (where it’s already legal for women to appear topless in public). Appropriately, this parade will end at Times Square because this is an idea whose time has definitely come!

We would be honored if you could attend this groundbreaking event. Amanda Palmer and other female performers who embrace their bodies and sexuality in art are also welcome.

Once again, we commend you on this remarkable Movement you’ve started in your life. Inside and out, you are embracing the woman in you in all her beauty and wonder. Let us strive for all other women to do the same!

Sincerely yours,
Rachel Jessee
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Sixième édition de la Journée internationale GoTopless pour revendiquer l’égalité du droit des femmes d’être seins nus

Montréal, le 22 août 2013 «Partout dans le monde, la discrimination entre hommes et femmes abonde encore concernant la question du topless», déclare Nadine Gary, présidente de GoTopless, une organisation de femmes qui lutte pour l'égalité des droits aux seins nus sur la base de l'égalité des sexes.

Elle nous informe que l'organisation coordonnera des manifestations pour les droits civiques au topless à travers le monde le 25 août prochain, marquant la sixième année consécutive des actions GoTopless.

Mme Gary fait remarquer qu'à Montréal, il y a quelques semaines, les policiers ont exigé que Rebecca Anne Clark remette son haut de maillot sur une plage publique municipale, sans exiger la même chose de son compagnon. «Aucune femme ne devrait subir une telle humiliation simplement pour se faire bronzer ou marcher dans un parc torse nu alors que les hommes sont autorisés à le faire». GoTopless apportera son support à Rebecca Anne Clark par une manifestation dans les rues de Montréal.

GoTopless a également constaté ce genre de décision contradictoire en Ontario et dans d'autres provinces où il est légal pour les femmes d'être seins nus. Des termes comme "tenue adéquate" ou "troubler la paix" sont couramment utilisés pour effectivement annuler leurs droits au topless. «La situation a changé à Toronto, ce qui nous donne cette année l'occasion de célébrer par l'art, la musique et la danse», explique Sylvie Chabot, responsable de GoTopless Canada.

À Vancouver, il est légal pour les deux sexes d'être topless. Une marche sera organisée afin d'offrir la possibilité aux femmes de découvrir les nombreux effets libérateurs d'être torse nu en public, en étant légalement libre de le faire. «Lorsque les femmes libèrent leurs seins, elles permettent à d'autres femmes de le faire aussi», conclut Mme Chabot.

GoTopless a été lancé par le leader spirituel international Raël, en 2007, suite à la victoire remportée par la militante Phoenix Feeley dans un procès contre la Ville de New York, ce qui a inspiré des milliers de femmes de partout dans le monde à en faire autant.


Montréal: 13h00 - Place du Canada

Toronto: 12h00 - Parc Ashbridge’s Bay, coin Hubbard Blvd et Hammersmith Ave.

Vancouver: 13h00 - Marche sur l’avenue Robson, de la rue Denman à la rue Hornby
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