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On April 4th, there will be GoTopless demonstrations around the world to support Amina in Tunisia.

Tunis, April 2nd, 2013 – GoTopless, an international organization that promotes gender equality and that advocates women's right to go topless wherever this right is granted to men, firmly denounces the comments made by Tunisian Salafist preacher, Alami Adel, leader of the so-called Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, who called for Tunisian citizen Amina to be "stoned" “quarantined,” and to “receive 100 lashes” because she posted a top-free photo of herself on Facebook.

“Mr. Adel’s comments are appalling from the standpoint of their violent overtone and also because they scoff at the notion of equal rights between men and women in Tunisia,” declared Joce Blottière – GoTopless spokesperson in the Middle East. “How can Mr. Adel condemn Amina’s action with such vitriol when thousands of photographs of shirtless Tunisian men are posted every day on Facebook without anyone raising an eyebrow or being offended?”

GoTopless advocates total gender equality and rejects any oppressive and one-sided machismo statements that allege to promote virtue and prevent vice. The activist organization, “GoTopless,” was launched by Rael – spiritual leader of the Raelian Religion (www.rael.org) – and its values are in perfect harmony with the Human Rights Charter, which explicitly includes equal rights between men and women.

“History tells us that it is the repression of nudity that causes mental imbalance and that leads to violence against women, not the other way around. In fact, in many African and South American tribes, where women have a propensity to walk around bare-chested, there are no irrational reactions from men or sanctions against women. And the same argument holds true when it comes to the majority of Mediterranean beaches,” expressed Blottière. “This sexual violence toward women is present in the most repressed countries, such as India for example, where collective rapes make the newspapers’ front page!”

GoTopless encourages all Tunisian women to make their right to go bare-chested known in the same way this right exists for all men, and to make their voices heard by not subjecting themselves to any law that would consider them unequal or inferior to men, whether on issues related to their bodies or others.

Blottiere concludes: “The love for freedom seems to be viewed by Muslim extremists as the most serious psychiatric disease there is, one that requires a radical and forceful treatment similar to a punitive fascist medicine. And GoTopless is firmly opposed to this.”

GoTopless will join “Femen’s Topless Jihad” action on Thursday, April 4th to support Amina and will invite its members to organize topless demonstrations in front of Tunisian embassies around the world.
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On Women’s Day, March 8, from Iran to North Carolina, GoTopless calls upon topless women to ‘occupy’ planet Earth

LAS VEGAS, March 8 – Raelian Guides Negar Azizmoradi and Nadine Gary are fighting for women’s equal rights, and they say no day is more appropriate than Women’s Day for women to get active and be heard.

Azizmoradi, head of GoTopless Iran and a female Iranian Raelian Imam, said today that she applauds Iranian female activists in Stockholm, Sweden, for holding a topless demonstration yesterday.

“It was held in protest of women being forced to wear the Hidjab in their home country [Iran] when men aren’t,” Azizmoradi explained, adding that the demonstrators were sported body slogans like “My nudity, my body, my right.” “I admire these women for having the courage to overcome repressive religious education and stand against oppression,” she said. “Too many women activists are imprisoned and tortured in Iran.”

Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless and a U.S. Raelian priestess, said she denounces the actions of politician Tim Moffitt, who recently introduced a bill in North Carolina that would make it a felony for a woman to show her nipples in public.

“This law wouldn’t apply to male nipples,” Gary said. “Iran is often singled out for human rights violations, but similar violations are about to be voted into law in a state that’s part of the leading democracy. Gender inequality is rampant in both societies!”

According to Azizmoradi, more and more Iranian women, including actress Golshifte Farahani and Maryam Namazie, are using nudity and sensuality to emphasize social injustices.

“We notice the same trend in North America and Europe with the Sexextremist group Femen and Slutwalks,”Gary commented.

Azizmoradi and Gary agree that women worldwide have a converging message for Women’s Day 2013.

“They’re emancipating themselves and standing up to use their bodies, sensuality and sexuality as they please,”Gary said. “They’re breaking away from patriarchal societies and religions that controlled their lives, especially their bodies, for centuries.”

“What do men like Moffit and Ahmadinejad do for the world while oppressing women?” Gary asked. “They just spread greed, corruption, suffering and pollution. It’s Earth’s women, empowered by femininity, who need to occupy the planet! As spiritual leader Rael, founder of Gotopless and a fervent defender of women’s rights, said, “Send the men to watch football while women straighten out this mess on Earth before it’s too late.”
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GoTopless Vows to Fight N.C. ‘Nipple Ban’ Legislation

ASHEVILLE, Feb. 6 - After North Carolina State Rep. Tim Moffitt proposed a bill that would make it illegal for women to go topless in public, GoTopless (www.gotopless.org), an organization devoted to achieving that right, vowed to oppose such legislation every step of the way.

“Though we’ve explained our viewpoint many times during GoTopless rallies over the last two years, politicians are still missing the entire point,” said GoTopless President Nadine Gary in a statement released today. “Our rallies are aimed at bringing attention to a serious matter of unconstitutional, unequal treatment: In much of the United States, women are still persecuted or arrested for going topless, while men aren’t.
If Moffitt’s bill becomes law, that law will clearly be unconstitutional, since men will enjoy a privilege denied to women.”

Gary added that although the U.S. Constitution and many state constitutions emphasize equality under the law, the issue of equal topless rights has been unjustly ignored.

“To uphold the U.S. Constitution, Representative Moffitt should honor its references to equality,” Gary said. “Instead, he’s attempting to widen the inequality gap when he should either be protecting women’s rights to go topless in his state or striving to see that men’s nipples remain equally private.”

Ironically, GoTopless rallies themselves are responsible for the proposed bill, according to Gary.

“Moffitt’s bill stems from the topless rallies our organization held in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2011 and 2012,” Gary explained. “But even if it passes, our rallies will continue, with the insistence that men also be jailed for nipple exposure. All we’re insisting upon is equality: either equal rights to go topless or equal punishment for violating a law that’s applied equally to both genders.”

Topless rights are one of the few areas of gender equality that haven’t been addressed at a federal level, and GoTopless is determined to see that it is.

“In a country that now accepts women as frontline soldiers and encourages gay men and women to openly serve in the military, GoTopless members are confident that Representative Moffitt is choosing a battle he can’t win,” she said. “When this case reaches the courts, they’ll have no choice but to see this as a constitutional issue based on gender equality, which is the exact point we’re making.”
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