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A woman's inspiring testimony after attending GoTopless rally

The following testimony came to us from a woman who attended one of our GoTopless Rallies on Aug 26, 2012.

"I awoke this morning at 2AM with a beautiful speech in my mind that I had wished I could have expressed yesterday. The beautiful leader looked at me yesterday and said that I looked like I had something to say and handed me the microphone and I could not get it out. Here it is....And I am sure I will have more to express later and very much want to be a part of the march next year!!

When I was 18, I was extremely conscience of my chest. I had and still have small boobs. Yesterday showed me that ALL boobs are beautiful and to feel that my boobs were amazing was empowering! BUT WAIT! All those years covering my small breasts with padded bras because I felt it would help me get a better job or a better man....and so forth...........Why? Because we cover them up.
It pains me so much that for so many years I felt I was not good enough and I let many opportunities go BECAUSE I had small breasts. In my mind that was what I needed to move ahead in life. How horrible........

My boyfriend told me yesterday that it was at first thrilling to see boobies and then it got less thrilling and his eyes moved away from the breasts and he felt calm and happy to just be around beautiful people and of course beautiful and happy liberated women!!

After yesterday I was completely empowered to finish my book and be successful without the padded bra!!!! Please contact me and let me be a part of the team. I want to learn more about the GoTopless movement.
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GoTopless joins forces with Slutwalk Las Vegas

Members and affiliates of GoTopless have been supporting the Slutwalk Movement since its inception and attended Slutwalk LV on Sept.1, 2012.

GoTopless women stand for topless gender equality, and they too are sometimes called "sluts." They face strong moral opposition from those who believe the very sight of women's breasts will trigger sexual excitement in others.

So what? Every part of the human body can be arousing! Should burqas be imposed on everyone, then?

GoTopless emphatically remind people that the sight of a woman's nude chest in public is not an invitation for rape. The legal system must protect women from the unbalanced individuals who could violate their topless freedom. These troubled people are often severely repressed.Nevertheless, our legal system is there to prosecute such offenders, not to deny women their freedom for the sake of their safety!

Consider this short story from Golda Meir, late prime minister of Israel:

"Once in cabinet we had to deal with the fact that there had been an outbreak of assaults on women at night. One minister ...suggested a curfew; women should stay home after dark. Golda Meir replied, "But it's the men who are attacking the women. If there's to be a curfew, let the men stay at home, not the women..."
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Letter to Ben Gvir, right wing activist in Israel in response to his discriminatory remarks towards Israeli women's equal topless rights

On Aug 23, 2012, right wing activist Ben Gvir of Tel Aviv appealed to the attorney general of Israel to prevent GoTopless from obtaining their permit for their protest the next day in Tel Aviv. His opinion was that such behavior [women's top-freedom] hurts the female public and expresses contempt and humiliation of a woman's body. Beyond that, he said it violates laws on public misconduct. He added that it's not a matter of freedom of expression but freedom of degradation.
The permit was released on the condition that female GoTopless participants would fully cover their breasts.

Below is Ms. Haziza's reply.

Mr Ben-Gvir,

I would like to comment on the letter you wrote to the Attorney General of Israel and the Police Commissioner of Tel Aviv that I have not personally read but that was quoted in the media. As an Israeli female I don't think you have any notion of what will hurt the female public and what is humiliation and contempt of a woman's body. How can you? You are a male. From the get go your point of view has no merit.

The freedom of Israeli female citizens to go topless legally and equally to men, can never be a behavior that "hurts the female public". What "hurst the female public" is to be discriminated against on the basis of gender!

The only behavior to condemn is the one of men who think they are entitled to judge which rights women should have like their topless rights while they themselves are fully enjoying that privilege. At one point, many men even opposed giving the right for women to vote, thinking that it was best for women not to vote. Who are you, Mr. Ben Gvir to dictate what is best for women?

In Israel, gender equality is protected by the Gender equality act of 1951. In fact Israel is breaking its own law by not allowing women the right to go topless wherever men are legally allowed to.

As a woman, I feel “contempt and humiliation” when you and other men like you, consider my body and the body of my fellow women as your property and when you legislate on what is right and wrong for women! Very similar to many Muslim and Christian men, whose socially established opinion degrades women and keeps women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen and without enjoying the same freedoms that men have. Men don't own women's bodies, women do!

Going topless triggers "Contempt and Humiliation of a woman's body" you say? Is it because the exposure of the female breast may spark a sexual thought in a man's mind? Sure it may! The naked chest of a man is also arousing to women! No one finds that "humiliating"! In fact, the sight of the complete human body (male and female) can trigger sexual feelings. Shall we impose the burqa on both male and female Israeli citizens to avoid any sexual thoughts from permeating in our society? If you are going to use this logic you have to go to the end of your thinking.

But, Mr. Ben-Gvir, don't you see that the repression of the female breasts that you advocate in public is precisely what makes men obsess over them! Less than a century ago, men were obsessing over women's legs because they were banned from public view. Today, no one thinks anything when seeing a woman pass by with a short skirt or shorts.

Equal topless rights, as all gender equal rights contribute to making our society more decent and civilized, more respectful of women and their bodies, not the other way around.

Only a perverted mindset thinks that exposing a female breast is more humiliating than exposing a male breast. Female breasts are as beautiful as men’s and they likewise come in all sizes. The only degradation that needs to be observed in the streets of Israel is the degradation of male domination and the unbiased enforcement of gender equal topless rights.

Respectfully yours,

Sharon Haziza,
Head of GoTopless in Israel
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