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GoTopless interviews the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society of NYC

Since the 1992 topless law took effect in NYC, women have began to integrate their newly found right in their daily lives. Such women include the Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society that was formed on August 17, 2011.

GoTopless.org contacted one of the members, whose name is A.A., and to ask her about their topless book reading practice in public:

GT: While reading books in public and occasionally answering questions from curious bystanders, do you feel that the group is bringing education and awareness? That it serves as a springboard for other groups to follow?

A.A.: We don't see ourselves primarily as activists -- we're women (and the occasional supportive guy) who want to enjoy a pleasant afternoon in the sun. We have every right to do it and shouldn't allow fearful or ignorant or small minded people to dissuade us.

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GoTopless vows to hold Asheville demonstration as conservatives attempt to block it

ASHEVILLE, N.C., July 31 – With local conservatives attempting to block an upcoming August 26 demonstration by women’s rights organization GoTopless in Asheville, N.C., GoTopless today released a statement declaring its resolve to continue fighting for gender equality under the Constitution, including the right to freely and legally go publicly topless as men do.

“We plan to hold our scheduled event in Asheville,” said GoTopless President and Spokesperson Nadine Gary. “It’s especially important that our message be heard there because some local politicians are making false accusations against our organization for their own purposes.”

She said Asheville conservatives, led by Carl Mumpower and Chad Nesbitt, recently sent a draft resolution to city officials in hopes of thwarting the August 26 event.

“Their resolution stated that last year’s GoTopless rally included, among other things, activities involving sexual performances, fondling of breasts, direct participation by underage minors, and exposure of minors to sexual acts. “These are absurd accusations and they are completely false.”

Mumpower is using the accusations as a political springboard, according to Gary.

“To further his political ambitions, he’s taking our event grossly out of context,” she said. “Our upcoming demonstration is just that, a demonstration, and further, it’s a demonstration of something that is perfectly legal in Asheville. In fact, the right to go topless should be acknowledged as a woman’s constitutional rights across the United States.”

She said walking topless in the streets of Asheville has nothing to do with sexuality.

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Columbia, Mo. police officer confirms city to be legally topless - GoTopless plans additional rally there on Aug. 26

LAS VEGAS, July 28 - GoTopless, a women’s rights organization fighting for female constitutional rights to go topless in public on the basis of gender equality, is moving to include the city of Columbia, Mo., as a rally location for its 5th annual GoTopless Day on August 26. The date was selected to honor and coincide with Women’s Equality Day.

“Sergeant Jill Schlude of Columbia’s police department confirmed in a July 24 phone call that Missouri is one of several legally topless states,” said Nadine Gary, president of GoTopless. (See [link] for a map showing current legally topless states.)

“Sergeant Schlude was specific when she told me there are no indecent exposure laws in Missouri,” Gary said. “Although she mentioned a statute that addresses ‘sexual misconduct,’ she emphasized that a woman going bare breasted in public wouldn’t be breaking the law unless she were also involved in a lewd or sexual act at the time.”
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