Lawyers, activists, sexologists, artists discuss TOPLESS EQUALITY in 2020 in Int. Gotopless Zoom conference

Los Angeles, Aug 24 - On Aug 26, 2020, the international women's organization, GoTopless, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women's Equality Day in a historical public zoom conference that will gather lawyers, activists, sexologists, and artists to discuss TOPLESS EQUALITY in 2020. 

"The 19th amendment may have been ratified 100 years ago on the grounds of gender equality, but this simple constitutional principle is bizarrely not applied to the human nipple," said Nadine Gary, Raelian Guide and GoTopless President.

Three lawyers who defended GoTopless and Free The Nipple activists have been invited to the GoTopless conference to shed light on this legal incongruence.  Joel Flaxman and Dan Hynes will explain why the judges ruled against topless equality in their court cases while attorney Andy Mc Nulty will reflect on his legal victory that prompted 6 states to become legally topless (UT, NM, WY, OK, KS, CO)

"How can topless gender equality still receive opposite legal outcomes from one state to the next, when Gender Equality is a basic constitutional concept today?"  asks Gary  "we look forward to finding out from these law professionals." 

"As long as men are allowed to be topless in public, women should have the same constitutional right. Or else, men should have to wear something to hide their chests," said Rael, founder of and spiritual leader of the Raelian Movemen

The Raelian philosophy fundamentally supports equal topless rights because it prones the awakening of the mind through the awakening of the body, and vice versa, to produce balanced, peaceful and fulfilled individuals.

"When women and girls are forced to cover their chest in public, their mind and intellectual potential become restricted like tying up a pianist’s fingers," explained Gary. " But here it's worse because guilt and shame further damage self esteem compounded by the fact that they see men and boys exempt from the rule. 

Dr. Patti Britton, Clinical sexologist and another guest speaker at the conference, will explain the importance of "Depathologizing toplessness" in an attempt to bring sense back into the irrational and puritanical debate over the female breast in public.

Author Grieg Pedersen (The Empire Has No Clothes) will share his experience as a nudist and will relate it to women's challenge in going topless in public, while artist Bryan Crowson will speak about creating bold nude art in the deep South.



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