Female nipple banned at US art festivals!

Members of the San Diego, CA Gotopless.org chapter visited the La Jolla, CA arts festival this past weekend and admired the beautiful artwork displayed everywhere, some being painted before their eyes as chalk artists were reproducing classical masterpieces on the pavement.

What surprised them was hearing that the art festival does not allow any female nipple shown on any art pieces, including the classical masterpieces (the artwork must be altered to comply with the censorship!) to allow the event to remain "family friendly". Have we lost our minds??? During the Renaissance, nipples were family friendly, church friendly... and in the 21st century they have suddenly lost their noble status, at least in America since this female nipple banning rule seems to apply to all Art festivals around the country.

This nipple censorship at festivals is not only ridiculous, it is unconstitutional since the nipple of men can be freely featured in art pieces at Art festivals. Artists must stand up for their right! Visual artists ARE WELCOME to join our festivities on Go-Topless Day Aug 26, 2012 and display the female nipple on their art pieces. It is their constitutional right!

No matter how much we kick and scream and use children to falsely justify our inner repression, our constitution will always have the last word over "morality".

Please note that the Art Piece displayed is called Time Unveiling Truth by Tiepolo 1743.


This Art piece carries a controversy in Italy because in 2008, the staff of Italian President, Silvio Berlusconi, covered the nipple of the women portrayed in the piece. Note that the woman represents Truth... the naked Truth?. Gotopless loves this symbol all around!

Buzzle.com writes the following about the incident in 8/3/08: "So it was with something approaching incredulity that it emerged yesterday that Berlusconi's staff had perpetrated an act of censorship worthy of the Victorians who fitted skirts to table legs. Over the table at which Berlusconi holds press conferences in Palazzo Chigi, Italy's equivalent of No 10 Downing Street, hangs a huge copy of a painting by the 18th-century Venetian master Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. It was selected by Berlusconi himself. Slap in the middle of the painting is a neat, round female breast. During press conferences, as a commentator writing for the daily La Stampa noted, the breast floats above the prime minister's head "like a halo". This, it was felt, was too much for the sensibilities of a nation that - long before Berlusconi came along - had been feasting its eyes on half-naked Magdalenes and Minervas, not to mention the blatantly erotic statuary of Antonio Canova. Tiepolo's breast, with attendant nipple, had to go."


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