GoTopless in Miami Beach Aug 26, 2012

Miami is a vacation destination. Many people come from everywhere in the US to enjoy its beaches and it is true that it is quite common to see topless women sunbathing on South Florida beaches. The Florida law does not allow women to be topless in public but the police is very lenient about that in Miami Beach. So why would GoTopless want to make waves there? Because our wish is not only for our breasts to be "tolerated" while laying on the sand, we want to have the same right as men. Their chest is "tolerated" in every public place, why not ours? We dream of being able to walk down Lincoln Rd with our shirt open and enjoy the breeze on our torso the way some men do on a hot summer afternoon. We want women's bodies to be as free as men's are, that is our constitutional right!

So this year, we will once again hold our happy, colorful, topless parade to Lincoln instead of the beach, to make a stronger point. Please join us on Lincoln Road and Washington on Sunday August 26 at 4PM. March will head West on Lincoln to Alton and come back down and to stop across from the NEXXT Cafe in the grassy knoll. 6PM . It is a great way to begin hurricane season!
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