Femen's topless crusade against traditional religions for women's rights

Femen is a group of young, feminine, determined Ukrainian women led by Anna Hutsol, who have been using their bare breasts in public protests to draw attention to social and political ills around the world, from domestic violence to human trafficking to suppression of women's rights.
The target of Femen's protests is usually towards traditional religions which are still the central reason for women's oppression around the world. GoTopless knows that first hand as women so often feel ashamed of their nude body because of their upbringing.

When asked about their provocative methods, the Femen women answer: "This is the only way to be heard in this country. If we staged simple protests with banners, then our claims would not have been noticed."

Their latest creative and theatrical style protest took place on Aug 03, when members of Femen appeared topless at the entrance of the Olympic Stadium, screaming: "we killed a generation" . One of the protesters looked straight at a camera filming her and said, "I fight for women around the world. They are not free. We are not free." The British police immediately intervened and struggled to cover the women's chest and to carry the feisty protesters away.
The protest was staged against the IOC because Femen claims officials collaborate with Islamic regimes, which suppress women's rights and cause conflict for women the world over. Femen wants the IOC to bar countries with strict Islamic regimes from participating at the Olympics.

Though GoTopless agrees with Femen that Islamic regimes are repressive and must be punished for their human rights abuse, we differ from Femen in the way to handle the request for the wearing of the hijab by some women at the Olympics. For GoTopless, at the Olympics, it is a matter of gender equal rights. Both genders should be allowed to cover their head since women are permitted (in certain sports) and both genders should be allowed to go bare chested since men are permitted.
It must also be noted that both GoTopless and Femen are non-violent activist groups but GoTopless refrains from using any violent language in its protests.

Videos of 3 of Femen's famous protests:On July 2012, the Femen ladies got through airport security in an attempt to block Russian church Patriarch Kirill, as he walked towards the press at Kiev Airport.
Femen women bumped into the Patriarch and shouted slogans about "anti-state activities of the patriarch" and of the arrest of anti-Putin activists. Then the security police quickly arrested the protesters.

In Feburary 2012 in Kiev, the Femen group was able to climb up and occupy the famous St. Sophia Cathedral bell tower. They rang the city bells and while dropping a large banner over the balcony that said "STOP" in protest of a bill banning abortion.
The Femen group said that the protest was to alert the city about the gangster conspiracy of church and state, whose purpose is to impose the patronizing government control over the sacred feminine gift of procreation.

One of their most famous protests was at the Vatican in November 2011.
A member sneaked into St. Peter's square and took off her coat revealing a transparent blouse. The demonstrator held a sign saying 'Freedom for Women' and shouted "Libere siamo noi" (Italian for "We are free"). She was stopped by the police as she started pulling off her blouse. The police took her away, along with her two partners, to a nearby police station where the protesters were questioned.

Femen has its eyes on 2017, the hundredth anniversary of the Bolchevick revolution, for a formidable protest for women's rights. GoTopless's mile stone will be Aug 26, 2020, the hundredth anniversary of women's rights and we hope that US women will be able to celebrate top free, at last!
From one part of the globe to the other, women are standing up for their rights. A revolution is coming. A Women's Spring is on its way with fruits of hopes in its bosom.
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