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Finding society at fault for Microsoft's ‘big boobs’ coding gaffe, plans additional topless marches on Aug. 26

LAS VEGAS, July 23 – When a program code used by Microsoft in one of its programs was recently found to contain a hexadecimal string (0xB16B00B5) too close to the phrase “big boobs” to be coincidence, public complaints by users who detected the combination prompted an apology by Microsoft.

According to the Microsoft statement, the spelling of the offending string will be changed. Meanwhile, a debate has ensued about the possible sexist attitude of the coders who created the suggestive string.

“We’re really appalled at the whole story, which is a good example of why we’ll be going topless in the streets on August 26,” said Nadine Gary, president of
“If these men had grown up surrounded by women who were allowed to show their breasts like men do, they wouldn’t be making derogatory comments about female anatomy. We’re not feeling offended by coders who wrote ‘big boobs’ into their code; we’re offended that the phrase is considered offensive when writing ‘big feet’ into it wouldn’t have made it to any forum.

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Gotopless denounces arrest of NYC woman taken to a mental hospital for legally going topless

July 11, 2012- GoTopless strongly denounces the arrest of Holly Van Voast, who was handcuffed and taken to a mental hospital on Sunday just for standing topless outside a Hooters restaurant in New York City. When the arrest occurred, Van Voast was simply standing outside a Midtown Hooters location with friends, preparing to honor the 20th anniversary of the day New York became a legally topless state: July 7, 1992. (please see our news sections for more details on this historical date)

Ms. Van Voast was within her legal rights to go topless there, but the police treated her like a deranged, violent person. It’s outrageous!
After the arrest, to add to her humiliation, she was forced to wait several hours in a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. This incident was an act of pure insanity on the part of the NYPD and of a deranged society in general.
Are men taken to mental hospitals and made to undergo psychiatric evaluations for taking off their shirts? This is an extreme case of a women’s rights violation; it constitutes blatant discrimination against women, and it’s also a human rights violation that can’t be tolerated in a democracy that prides itself for policing the world over human rights issues. The NYPD must be prosecuted immediately!

This latest topless-related arrest is especially noteworthy because of another New York City court case in 2007, concerning a public topless charge. Phoenix Feeley and her attorney, Jeff Rothman, successfully sued New York City for wrongful arrest, forcing the city to pay $29,000 in damages.

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French Police arrests GoTopless women about to exercise their topless right

(Communique de presse en francais sous cet article)

The report you are about to read will seem surreal. It relates a case of blatant French police repression that occurred just before a GoTopless March in Paris on Saturday Aug. 27, 2011. Such repressive treatment may be expected of a dictatorship . But in France? The cradle of Democracy? How could the French police arrest pacific French citizens during a peaceful march authorized by the city's Prefect and detain them for no given reasons ? Furthermore, why was the arrest focused on female citizens only when the march counted both male and female fully clothed individuals?

On Saturday Aug 27, the GoTopless Parisian group staged a march to encourage the women of the French Capital to exercise their topless right since Paris, like NYC or Toronto is top free.

Some members of the group had recently attended an annual Raelian Happiness Academy seminar in Slovenia where Spiritual leader Rael, founder of had recommended that a Gotopless event take place in Paris. Though France holds a reputation for topless freedom throughout the world, their double standard laws on gender topless equality had to be exposed.

Indeed, appearances can be very misleading as this story will show.

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