News Item: Oct 10 08 Angelina Jolie shown breastfeeding on W magazine
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Friday 10 October 2008 - 17:00:00 congratulates Angelina Jolie for welcoming the publication of a picture of herself breastfeeding one of her twin children on the cover of W Magazine, November 2008 edition. There is nothing shameful about one's body as it was proudly made in the image of Elohim, an advanced human civilization who artistically engineered all life on planet earth a long time ago thanks to a perfect mastery of DNA. (see

Pictures like the one of Angelina, are not only soothing to the mind because of their artistic beauty but also soothing to the consciousness by gently challenging the reminescent puritanism in America. Pictures like this invite us to embrace our humanhood with all the wondrous functional and also sensual attributes that we were conceived with. That does not only feel good, that is also good for us, for all of us, from babies all the way to grown ups :)

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