News Item: Why do men have nipples? By Dr. Mehran Sam PhD
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Saturday 24 January 2009 - 01:36:36

Why do men have nipples?

Humans are mammals like cats and monkeys and similar to other mammalian species only females generally nurse the young through their
nipples with the milk prodcued in their mammary glands. So do men need nipples? or why men have nipples in the first place?

It's a less known fact that men's breasts and nipples are just as
functional as the female counterparts. If they take or for dietary
reasons produce some extra doses of female hormones, men can also
lactate just like females do. It has been suggested that male
breastfeeding can even lead to emotional bonding between a child and
the father as well.

So why do men have nipples? For the exact same reason they have two ears
and two eyes: because they have been designed and created as such by,
as we Raelians believe, our extraterrestrial scientific creators, the

Many believe that the similarities among species, like dogs, cats, and
humans, all having mammalian characteristics, are the indication that
all species come from the same ancestor through an evolutionary

Yes indeed we also believe there has been an evolutionary process. But
it was in the minds of the scientists who came to the earth from
another planet. They first created simple life forms and then over
time developed and evolved their techniques to create cats, monkeys
and eventually human beings in their own likeness.

Of course only the creators themselves know the exact reason for their
choices and why they maintained the male form similar to a female's in
the chest area but it's not unreasonable for us to speculate. A team
of scientists who become experts in creating mammalian forms, males
and females, do not reinvent the wheel each time they want to create a
new species. The Elohim scientists perhaps only wanted to improve
their methods without a need for a great genetic modification moving
from one species to another as removing nipples in males would require
such a change.

It is understandable why a science team would not have the desire to
alter the genetic blueprint of their prized mammalian species. Doing
that would require dramatic molecular and genetic changes in their
design. Why would you want to risk failure in making big unnecessary
changes when you already have a successful design that has proven to
work well in the most simple mammalian species like a mouse. But also
perhaps they even grew fond of their own design and a male with
nipples looked more attractive than without. Can you imagine
Michelangelo's David without nipples!?

However perhaps most importantly, we need to take note that all the
epithelium or the skin tissue covering our body surface is composed of
sensitive sense receptors of all kinds including those for sensing
touch, temperature, pain, pressure, and pleasure. The number and
sensitivity of these receptors are increased in the erogenous organs
like lips, vagina, penis and you guessed it right, the nipples. Our
whole body and it's epithelial cover is a sensual and sexual paradise
for enjoying life and experiencing pleasure. The nipples play their
own part in this marvelous existence as a human being in males,
females, hermaphrodites and transsexuals alike.

Those who believe human body is for procreation and survival only,
only procreate and survive. But those who believe their body is a
pleasure toy for enjoyment and fun, live a happy, balanced and joyful
life everyday loving and respecting their own body from their penis to
nipples and from their clitoris to being topless in public. This
second group includes us the Raelians.




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